We were homepages, once

Hi! I'm Maeve Andrews. She/they pronouns. I'm not doing much public stuff right now, but maybe I'll have some software to link here again soon.

I'm interested in how technology can be used to combat oppression, and addressing how toxic technical culture and the nonprofit industrial complex stifle that use. I believe that there may not be many avenues left to give users the tools for autonomy, self-determination, and organizing that the technically privileged have, but usable security is a good start.

I currently work at the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

In the spare time that various disabilities and existing in the world as a trans person leave me, I'm working on an encrypted alternative to social networking for an unrelated community that needs a new home. I'm also learning Mandarin. While it is inherently rewarding, I admit it's mostly for consuming pop-cultural exports (you can find me on Discogs). American culture is not exactly a model for doing this respectfully and showing up for communities affected by racism, so I'm trying to figure that out on my own.

I did various freeform radio shows for about 12 years. For the moment, I have 3 years of monthly-by-the-zodiac mixtapes (okay, Spotify playlists) instead. I've gone through a lot of unexpected left turns in what I play, so it's also a kind of life log for me. Music is always an unending dialogue between the perpetual present and the weight of influence, even when your life is many disconnected stories. Seeing more queer and trans people able to bring their whole selves to that conversation keeps me going.

If you're just doing a search to get in touch, please email me. My voicemail message is two minutes of chopped-up modular techno for a reason (it's a spite fence for people who don't value curb-cut effects).

The shirt in this photo is from The Ones We Love. It's something that I believe applies to metaphorical, linguistic, sexual and gender (etc, etc...) delineations as well. Please go support the creator.

As a different wise woman once said, have a nice day.